About Us

Bels Creations is a Nigerian clothing production company based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. It was founded in Yenagoa, Bayelsa in January, 2011; and relocated to Port Harcourt in January 2016 in order to serve its growing clientele better. At the onset, the fashion label dealt solely on bespoke clothing. With the increase in demand, the company gradually shifted to ready-to-wear garments – some being outsourced to partners. Presently, Bels Creations handles all the production of its outfits in-house. This is to ensure the quality it is known for is not compromised.


Understanding the trade-off between being responsive and efficient experienced by most production sites, Bels Creations production factory implements Lean manufacturing techniques to be more efficient and effective in the delivery of its products. The fashion label concentrates on its core, which is the sourcing of quality fabrics, design and production of unique clothing. A hybrid strategy (blending chase-demand and level-capacity) is used in production. This is done to keep as little inventory as possible and still being able to meet up demand from clients.

Being a strong advocate of horizontal integration, Bels Creations delivers its ready-to-wear collections to top retailers and online shopping platforms which make the outfits easily accessible to its clients. In future, the label intends to have its showrooms, only if necessary, to reach wider audience.

Bels Creations focuses on the production of ready-to-wear garments, which are sold on online platforms, in choice boutiques, and selected popular spots.


  1. To be the #1 globally-recognised afrocentric fashion brand.
  2. To ensure Port Harcourt city is one of the top fashion destinations of the world.


To make ‘looking good’ affordable; creating unique styles that are simple, yet elegant.


  • Uniqueness
  • Simplicity
  • Elegance


  1. Identify and Innovate fashion trends
  2. Gain brand recognition
  3. Gain wide distribution network

Product & Services

  • Ready-to-wear (Core)
    • Native tops (Etibo)
    • 2 piece traditional outfit
  • Uniform for social and corporate entities
  • Fashion Consultancy / Styling

Target Audience

Bels Creations has a broad target audience; it targets price-conscious individuals who want to look stylish and unique.

Bels Creations focuses more on male outfit; 70% male, 30% female.